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Technical Information


EcoPMPAT makes possible the decoupling between the treatment performances and the actually used capacities, thanks to the adjunction of a sensitive energy transfer coil.

EcoPMPAT allows:

  • the dehumidification of the ambient and fresh air, while reducing by 29% the usually required cold capacity
  • 24/7 operation without any frosting, making deicing cycles useless
  • the recycling (instead of the wasting) of part of the heat produced by the condensors

EcoPMPAT is connectable, without any capacity adjustment, to the ice production or to an autonomous production.

Characteristics on a case by case basis.

Illustration below.


Illustration of principle for the EcoPMPAT, conceived for the rink of Châlon en Champagne, for BET Nicolas and the LSF company in Metz.