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The Métier

EcoEnergie, the interface between the lead contractor
and the technical execution

EcoEnergie is an integrator-supplier and thus conceives, controls the integration of, puts in service, and checks the performances of all the equipment, systems or processes that she sells.



History and durable development

Born in 1980 out of the union of air (patent Papineau-Blanc in dehumidification) and water (processes Fournier in filtration), EcoEnergie immediately stated her ambitious objectives: energy management in comfort, safety, and cutting-edge technology, which made her a forerunner in durable development.

After 22 years of work, added energies, over 500 active references, more than 70 million kW/h saved, more than 15.700 tons of C02 non-exhausted, over 30 million satisfied swimmers each year, and mostly a great, friendly network of partners, design offices, installers, suppliers, climatic operators, proof is made of the importance of EcoEnergie in the field of climatics.

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EcoEnergie has evolved, following a policy of specialization per area. EcoEnergie is recognized for her competences in thermodynamic dehumidification processes, energy saving, multimedia filtration and technical management.

More than ever, EcoEnergie establishes herself in global technical treatment of:

  • indoor swimming pools in all their applications (public, private, thalassotherapy, thermal therapy),
  • ice rinks,
  • museums,
  • industrial processes.