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Control over temperature and specific humidity of the environment is important, in a clean room and/or in industrial processes for instance. But it can require enormous amounts of energy if one uses standard equipment such as an absorber-dryer.

We can now replace a central unit of hot/cold air treatment as well as a dryer by only one piece of equipment also capable of reducing by 50% the installed capacities and energetic consumptions.

Activity in a clean room.

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EcoPMPI allows to dry the treated air by lowering the specific humidity to less than 4,7 g/Kg of dry air. This remarkable performance, without the use of an absorber (which would take too much energy for regeneration) is made possible by the adoption of an original circuiting connected to two different, independent chilled water temperatures, allowing the decoupling between generated capacities and their utilization.

EcoPMPI allows, with the same needs, a reduction of installed capacities, consumptions, and exhausts by around 50%.