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A few of our references

Musée de La Vallée du Lot, Villeneuve-sur-Lot
EcoMusée, 2000
case of application

Eurosilicone (1 and 2), Apt Photo 1Photo 2
EcoPMPI, 1999 and 2001
case of application
Syral, Marckolsheim Photo 1
EcoPMPI, 2002
case of application
Sanofi, Toulouse
EcoPMPI, 2003

Public pool
Port La Nouvelle Photo 1Photo 2
Eco3DG, EcoLSF, 1999
Dilbeek, Belgique Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
EcoPMP+, 1999
Publier Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4
EcoPMP, 1998
Thionville Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
EcoPMP+, 2000
Sète Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
EcoPMP+, 1998
Mont de Marsan Photo 1Photo 2
EcoDAD (absorption), 2002

Hotel pool
Hôtel Mercure, Andorre Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4
EcoModulG+, 1999

Leisure park and outdoor hotel pool
Aqualand, Sainte-Maxime Photo 1Photo 2
EcoModulG, 2000
case of application

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Private pool
Capdenac Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4
Eco3D, 1994

Rehabilitation 1000 piscines
Piscine Tournesol restructured, Florange Photo 1Photo 2
Eco3DG, 1998
Piscine Caneton restructures, Gray Photo 1Photo 2
EcoModulC, 1998

Fitness pool
Moving, Narbonne Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
EcoModulF, 2001
Sports club Ken Club, Paris
EcoDUF, 2002

Balneotherapy, chiropractics
Kinés Alpes Photo 1
EcoModulF, 1999

Thalassotherapy-Balneotherapy-Thermal therapy
BTP Bâtiment, Hyères
EcoTF, EcoPMP+, 1993
case of pplication
Nancy Thermal Ronde Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
EcoPMP+, EcoModulF, 2001 et 2002
Thermal center of Bains-les-Bains
EcoThermalG, 1998
case of application

National practice center
INSEP, Paris XIIè Photo 1Photo 2
EcoPMP+, 1998
case of application

Olympic ice rink
Ice rink of Grenoble Photo 1Photo 2
EcoPMPAT, 2000
case of application


Download the complete list of our references
PDF document (105KB), oct 2003.