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Dehumidification equipment

Indoor pools are subject to the evaporation of important amounts of water:

  • continuous evaporation linked to the static pool
  • evaporation linked to the swimmers' movements
  • evaporation of the thin layer of water on the skin when coming out of the pool
  • evaporation linked to water games (wave pools, etc.)

On the one hand water steam condenses, which induces the deterioration of the coatings and the structures, and on the other hand pollutes, creating a tropical, humid, suffocating climate charged with chlorine and oxidants.

EcoEnergie has developed dehumidification equipment allowing control over evaporation, elimination of undesirable smells, absence of condensation, as well as the cooling down and stopping of the boiler room.
EcoEnergie proposes two dehumidification systems:

fresh air modulation
systems EcoModulF, EcoModulG, EcoModulG+.

fresh air and thermodynamic modulation
systems EcoDUF, EcoDUG, Eco3DG et EcoPMP+.

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Water filtration equipment

Our filtration equipment grants you with an exceptionally crystal-clear water, control over statutory parameters, reduction of water consumption and of treating products, as well as automation of the unclogging process.

EcoEnergie offers two systems of water filtration:

sand and multimedia filters
systems EcoLSF, EcoLSFH, EcoTSF, EcoTSFH.

diatomatic filters
systems EcoTF.

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