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It is critical for an ice rink to maintain the right operating conditions, whatever the public attendance, whatever the season. Fog formation in the case of an active game also becomes a problem.

In order to achieve that, we must create winter climatic conditions on the ice as well as in the air, while keeping more comfortable conditions for the spectators.


World Championship, 2001.

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EcoPMPAT allows, by using the actual production source of glycol iced water for the ice via an exchanger or an autonomous production, to maintain specific humidity at 6g/Kg of air at 13ºC of ambient temperature whatever the public attendance or the season.

The originality of our system comes from the fact that all that is treated by the air won't have to be treated by the ice. For the rink, this will translate into:

  • a absence of fogging
  • a highly improved ice quality
  • an important reduction in consumptions
  • less frequent resurfacings

thus allowing a more profitable exploitation of the rink.