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Two rates of chilled water temperature in order to dehumidify and dry fresh air.

Leading contractor : Eurosilicone
Installer : Climatherm

The air handling system of Eurosillicone was insufficient to respect the clean rooms atmosphere compulsory conditions. The production of silicon prosthesis (mammary and others) demands accurate air handling conditions, particularly in the « dampening » process (creation of the silicon pouch) and, at a lower level, in the manufacture process (fulfilling of the pouch). These two processes are respectively realized in a class-100 000 and in a class-10 000 clean rooms.

Dissatisfied by the original system based upon a cold production at 7°C/12°C rate that fed up air units, the factory managers looked for solutions to the issue.

One of the main demand was to not disrupt the production and, therefore, to find a system that would adapt to the original situation. The society in charge to resolve the issue called up EcoEnergie.

Command and protection panel

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Aiming at the faithfulness of the thermal and hygrometric conditions, the new system integrates in the original equipment the new EcoPMPI.

In the « dampening » room, the following equipment has completed the original unit:

  • An air central unit — flow: 20 000 m3/h.
  • A cooling unit fitted with a double water and air condenser (–2°C / +3°C chilled water rate)
  • A command and protection panel, EcoTronic IV , including: sensors, actuators, and a command, visualization, and outside/inside specific humidities control touch screen.

The advantages of this process :

The chosen machines need reduced area (23.10 m2 for the cooling unit built outside and 18 m2 used inside for the dehumidification unit) and reduced electrical output (85 kW). In terms of global costs it appeared to be more economical than a wheel dryer.