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Ice Rink of Grenoble

Architects: Herault and Arnod
Design office: BET Nicolas
Installer: Guiboud

The Olympic ice rink of Grenoble, built up for the 1968 Olympic games had to be either turned in compliance with new aesthetics and security demands or rebuilt in order to welcome the World Championship of Ice Hockey.

A couple of young and inventive architects, Isabelle Herault et Yves Arnod who are space creators, were in charge to realize the chosen solution : the rebuilding. On the technical side the contracting authority called up the Design office, Nicolas.

Ecological and economical strong criterions had to be seriously considered. Therefore, the technical choices led to a chilled water production at –12°C thanks to ammonia cooling units.

Cold energy transfer exchangers
Chilled water production to the EcoPMPAT
Cold capacity = 150.78 kW (PMPAT 73)
Cold capacity = 82.21 lW (PMPAT 40)

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Dehumidification unit for the olympic rink
2 EcoPMPAT 73
flow of 40 000m3/h each

Dehumidification unit for the play rink
flow of 21 200m3/h

The Design office Nicolas chose EcoEnergie’s air equipment which fulfil the following demands:

  • Environmentally speaking, the solution allows to avoid an additive cooling unit and to reduce the fastidious ice preparing sessions of hot water scraping (which spoils a lot of energy).
  • Energetically speaking, keeping a very dry air (6g/kgas) all year round and whatever the visiting, which allows to save simultaneously on the ice the frost, fusion and vaporization latent heat.
  • In terms of Communication with the general centralized technical management, the automaton being connected to the city system.