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Diatomatic filters

(cf. technical sheet)

Probably the best filtration process
for pools.

Originally, diatoms are brown unicellular seaweeds. After they fossilize only the siliceous frustule remains, giving a very porous light-weighted white rock: the diatomite.

Adjuvants of filtration are made from this diatomite. By creating a filtrating layer on a group of suspended distortable elements, the diatomite stops impurities.

Diatomite filtration is a process that allows to obtain a fineness of filtration of 1 to 5 microns, when limiting the speed to 6,45 m3/h/m2 and filtrating continuously 24/7.

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  • fineness of filtration from 1 to 5 microns
  • series from 48 m3/h to 420 m3/h
  • automatic unclogging (Fournier process)
  • armed fiberglass polyester
  • set in PEHD
  • cupro-alu valves
  • on-demand pressure 4, 5, 6 and 7 bars
  • water, disinfectant, diatomite, and energy savings
  • absence of flocculation
  • on-demand position of the man hole
  • reduced dimensions
  • warranty: tank 10 years - elements 5 years

Click here to to refer to a detailed sheet on the operating phases of the filtrating elements (diatomatic filters).