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Dehumidification by
fresh air modulation

The processes of the EcoModul series
allow, depending on basic meteorological conditions, to get rid of 100% of the water steam releases of any origin, to maintain temperatures in buildings, and to let in minimum hygienic fresh air flow.

All of our processes on this page demonstrate the following advantages:

  • setting of the adjustable flow extractors depending on the fresh air flaps
  • control over condensation and evaporation by regulating specific humidity
  • absence of condensation on all surfaces and walls
  • ease of use on site or remotely (optional)
  • control over energy consumption

(cf. technical sheet)

basic characteristics, plus:

  • choice between pool comfort or dry comfort
  • air handling unit fit for false ceiling installation

EcoModulF is an alternative to dehumidification consoles for indoor pools of less than 60 m2 and allows:

  • the decrease of electrical consumption
  • the connection to the air discharge and intake system

EcoModulF avoids overheating, molding, and misting, therefore offering dry or tropical comfort, depending on the position of the ceilings of the pool.

EcoDUF is the thermodynamic complement of EcoModulF for indoor pools bigger than 60 m2.

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(cf. technical sheet)

basic characteristics, plus:

  • setting of the adjustable flow extractors depending on the fresh air flaps
  • unit equipped with a metallic damper and smoke detection beyond 10 000 m3/h
  • multiple possibilities of aeraulic connections

(cf. technical sheet)

same as EcoModulG, plus:

  • the recovery of total energy (latent + sensitive) of the exhausted air to the benefit of fresh air
  • varying air and water flow rates, according to the law of optimization