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Park Pool of La Rochelle

Improvement of original equipment

Contracting authority: Ville de La Rochelle
Leading contractor: Service Bâtiment - Sécurité - Energie
Installer: ALSTOM Sud-Ouest, M. Contreras
Exploitant: COFATHEC

The pool of La Rochelle has been inaugurated in 1972. As always and everywhere, the dehumidification of the hall remains the main issue. Originally, the dehumidification needs were fulfiled with fresh air loads, process which spoils a lot of energy.

In 1982, the town council launched a programme of energy saving. Therefore, a heat pump took over from the first equipment. In spite of this, there were permanently condensation on the window screen.

The town realised afterwards that the fresh air section of the chosen heat pump was undersized, while the compressors stopped often.

So, a new system was to be found again to dehumidify properly the hall. The EcoModulG+ equipment were selected to improve the installation.

The occasion to improve the buildings arises when another workyard was set up on the pool: the cleaning of the frame work from asbestos. A huge scaffolding under the roof allows to install new ducts.

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The work went on from January to the first of May 2000, day of the pool reopening.

Amazing smelling and humi-thermal comforts :

  • The specific humidity is invariable all day long in the whole hall, while the temperature can vary according to the sun lightening on the window screen
  • No condensation on the screens however intense is the sun
  • In spite of substantial fresh air loads(40 000m3) when visiting increase, consumption decrease lightly thanks to the permanent working of the Heat pump compressors and to the enthalpic recovery on rejected air.

Name of the signatory: the city's technical department.