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Spa of Bains-les-Bains

Hygiene and energy

Leading contractor: Chaîne thermale du soleil
Design office: ACTE M. Bertolloti
Installer: Roger Renard Entreprise

In 1998, the Chaîne Thermale du Soleil launched a global renovation program of the Spa of Bains-les-Bains.

Located in the southern Vosges, it’s a important fitness and cure center especially for heart-artery and rheumatism diseases.

It is to be an air handling system that could face up with considerable evaporations during the day, the cause of which are hot baths, showers, nozzles, curing fogs and high frequenting ; and on the other hand with low evaporation rates during the night, from the non-emptied baths.

EcoEnergie, in order to meet the specific demands, developed the specific concept of EcoThermal.

In season, it’s an all fresh air operating dehumidifier/air-conditioner the flow of which is variable according to the frequenting, and operating 24h/24.

Out of season (winter time conditions), the system operates on recycling in order to maintain out of frost the installation without useless consumption.

EcoThermal meets the central contracting authority’s main demand : hygiene.

EcoThermal RH1

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The single risk of légionnaire disease (germ that can be founded in air handling systems and contaminate users) is mainly anticipated by the non-recycling of the and by the system equipment: drain pans on extracted or fresh air that empty automatically etc.

From an energetic point of view, this demand is expressed by an energy recovery on extracted air for the benefit of discharged air that, according to the needs, can be reheated in order to fulfill comfort criterions, for the outside air being to cold.

Required energy comes from the recovery coil (cool source on extracted air), then is transformed through the chilled water section and released via the release coil that assures of discharged air reheating.

In summertime, while outside air is too humid or/and to hot, EcoThermal operates on fresh air basis and additional cooling. Buildings dehumidification is then ensures by fresh air loads and fresh air dehumidification and conditioning thanks to a cool coil.

In the summertime, EcoThermal no longer operates on energy recovery but on dehumidification and air conditioning in order to assure of users comfort.

EcoThermal MCA1 and MCA2

Realization : 1998