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Aqualand, in Ste-Maxime

Why treat the air?

Contracting authority: Aqualand

Aqualand is a play-centre mainly fated to summertime.

But Mr. Freche, at the origins of the the project, has hoped to build a pool with a mobile roofing, in order to welcome all year round the children of Saint Maxime, and to establish long-lasting relationship with the customers.

Reversible thermodynamic generator
in the wintertime for heating. Available capacity: 183 kW.
in the summertime for cooling of other buildings (snack bar, etc). Available capacity: 118.10 kW.

Ecotronic III automatically commanding:
depending on the evaporation by specific humidity
depending on solar heat by cooling down with fresh air

Over-pressured EcoModulC Basic 1
Air flow: 21 000 m3/h

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The mobile roofing is similar to a greenhouse structure and can be operating when half open.

The various constraints implies an over-pressure air handling that must assure of:
temperatures homogeneousnes,
sanitary fresh air loads,
extraction of the condensing air from the curved screens,
optimized energy consumption, super reduced costs.

After advanced comparative analyses, and considering energetical resources of the place as well as the available locations and the constraints that implies an over-pressure solution, thermodynamic dehumidification was unfitable and boiler, impossible

EcoEnergie suggested to associate an over pressured ECOMODULC Basic1, a plate heat exchanger for the production of sanitary hot water (stocked in a tank), a plate heat exchanger for the pool heating connected by a heat recovery system fed up by a thermodynamic generator.

Realization : 2000


Energetic consumptions and comparative cost

Without roofindWith roofing and heating (frost excepted)
kWhCost with auxiliarieskWhCost with auxiliaries
Boiler1 250 000750 000
Fuel-oil kWh à 0.0457 € TTC57 125 €34 275 €
Gas kWh à 0.0396 € TTC49 500 €29 700 €
Reversible thermodynamic
production and auxiliary elements
0.061 and 0.0762 € per kWh
340 00020 733 € 210 00016 007 €
GAIN910 000540 000
on fuel-oil36 392 €18 268 €
on gas28 767 €13 693 €