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Institut National Supérieur
d'Education Physique

Condensation mastery, overheating issues eradication, consumption limitation

Contracting authority: Secrétariat d'Etat à la Jeunesse et au Sport
Leading contractor: Sport Loisir Concept, assisted by BET Diatechnie
Enterprise: Cogeef Industrie

Located in the wood of Vincennes, Paris, the INSEP pool ( Higher National Institute of Physical Education) is a major training Centrex for French and international swimmers. It shows a swimming pool (50m), a water polo pool (33.3m) and two SPAS. But, the hall humidity and the water temperature must be carefully controlled both for the athletes’ comfort and for the building longevity.

The INSEP pool opted for a partial thermodynamic dehumidification system, the main challenge being the management of the effects from the large glass walls.

Thermodynamic unit UTLG 600

EcoEnergie's processes have been selected to take up this challenge. The suggested solution consists in recovering some of the latent heats from the water stream releases from the pools evaporation, in order to heat the hall air and the hot sanitary water. Moreover, sun energetic loads and spa-heating consequences had to be faced up by dispelling the excess energy in the water polo pool.

Thermodynamic unit UTLG 600

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In terms of project and technical realization, the operation efficiency relied on an accurate analysis of the environmental effects on the system(sun energy loads, relationship between condensation and shell nature...).

The aims in wintertime are to cut down the condensation risks and to balanced with the large window screens cold influence, and in summertime to master the overheating risks, limit the energetic consumption.

In summertime, the training of the athletes becoming more and more frequent, it had been decided in 2003 to add without any heavy modification, an overheats evacuation on aircoolers.

Multi-controller automaton EcoTronic VI

Realization : 1998

Recent readings confirm:

Yearly energetic needs have been reduced of 2 467 077 kWh

Yearly CO2 exhausts have been reduced of 495 tons